When you see OLD GLORY waving proudly from homes & businesses, don't think of US, but when you think of displaying OLD GLORY at your home or business call US.

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                                            Flags for Outdoor Display 

                         United States           United States      United States              Oregon               Oregon

SIZE          POLY- MAX         NYLON       LWT-POLY        NYLON       LWT-POLY

3x5'                 $35.00               $32.00              $15.00              $72.60           $15.00

4x6'                 $54.00               $40.00          not available       $111.30       not available

5x8'                 $86.00               $62.00          not available        $146.10      not available

6x10'              $128.00               $88.00          not available        $246.00     not available

8x12'              $224.00             $164.00           not available        $380.00     not available

                 According to popular usage, the length of the flag should be between one-quarter
                  and one-third the height of the flagpole. If another flag is flown under "Old Glory"
                              then it's appropriate for both flags to be one standard size smaller.



                                   SATISFACTION IS OUR GUARANTEE        &          SHIPPING ON US

100 % NYLON Best nylon flag                          POLY -MAX 2 ply, woven, spun                            LIGHTWEIGHT POLY {LWT}

material available. White polyester                       polyester, this is the most durable                               Fully printed and the most popular

duck heading and brass grommets.                       flag material. Designed especially                              choice for economy. They fly in the

Strong and durable. Treated to reduce                   for industrial, commercial and                                      slightest breeze, offer superb color

sun & chemical deterioration.                                institutional usage.                                                       retention and reasonable durability.

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